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Ovention MiSA®

Introducing MiSA; Microwave Speed Assist.
Higher quality, higher speed, smaller footprint.


Ovention is continuously working to provide the best equipment solutions for our customers. We are pleased to present our newest addition to the Ovention Lineup: MiSA-a12. MiSA stands for microwave speed assist- that’s right- microwave. Our technology outperforms other rapid cook units in the market. And we do it quietly at only 68 dB.

We have designed a rapid cook oven that produces higher quality food, provides labor efficiencies, and a shocking capacity-to-footprint ratio—and it’s ventless. Now you can produce an even wider range of food products with the quality you expect from Ovention, and do it even faster.

Maximize Space:
• Smallest footprint among quarter-size pan rapid cook units
• Featuring a 176.1 sq. inch spacious cavity design, the MiSA offers more usable space than any other rapid cook unit in its category
• Certified for ventless operation, offering flexibility that saves you space and money on installation

Superior Cooking Performance:

• Cooks up to 10x faster than conventional ovens, resulting in a 90% reduction in cook time
• Higher warmup power, airflow and microwave power output than any other rapid cook unit in the market – and still uses less energy
• Patent pending cook plate technology to give even browning on the bottom of your food products

Consistent Quality:

• Store 1,000+ preprogrammed recipes, each featuring up to three stages of cooking based on time, temperature, blower speed and microwave power

Operator Friendly:

• Full-color 7” touchscreen display makes it easy to access 1,000+ pre-programmed recipes
• Easy to clean design features non-stick inner cavity and removable trays that are dishwasher safe
• USB port makes recipe uploads, cook log downloads, service diagnostics and software updates easy
• Flexibility of accessories – you can use any oven-safe pan


• Comes standard with an antimicrobial powdercoat in our Black Licorice color. Other colors available at no additional charge.




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