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Ovention Matchbox®

Cook a full menu of delicious offerings without a hood. The Matchbox 1718/1313 takes the traditional conveyor oven to a whole new level.

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Revolutionary Ovens

At Ovention, we think ovens should be smart enough to cook your entire menu perfectly, every time. With our innovative Precision Impingement® technology, the Matchbox 1718 & 1313 allows you to customize cook time, independent blower speeds and temperature for each item, so you get maximum cooking control that’s great for high volume.

The Matchbox oven saves you time, energy, and money- not only in cook time and electricity, but also in labor. The Matchbox uses a proprietary technology called Auto Load and Unload. This moves the cooking surface into the cavity at the touch of a button, beginning the cook cycle. Once the cook cycle has completed, the cook surface will automatically exit the cavity. This saves four steps compared to a manual load oven, monopolizing less of your staff’s time and making it simpler to use.

That’s right- Auto Load and Unload also means no more running to the oven to open the door just to reveal burned, wasted food. With precise cook settings and automatic loading and unloading, food is cooked consistently and your operators are free to multitask without risk of compromising the food. Customers are happy that their food is cooked perfectly the first time, and you are happier that you aren’t throwing burned inventory into the trash. See this process in action.

Furthermore, Auto Load and Unload allows you to stage your next product to cook. So as soon as your grilled asparagus is unloaded, your pizza is loading in. This exponentially increases your throughput capacity beyond any other closed cavity oven. See this in action against a conveyor.

Highly efficient impinged air cooking is on demand with a one-touch, GUI-based control system. Each oven holds up to 1,000 unique cook settings that can load by the USB port. Plus, the internal temperature can flex up to 50 degrees from cook to cook, allowing you to cook a wider range of products without downtime to cool the oven.

The internal catalyst offers ventless operation, saving substantial cost and allowing for a wider variety of installation locations.

The closed cavity holds moisture in food product, maintaining food integrity along with a 30% higher yield. It’s also one-third more energy efficient than traditional countertop conveyors. It also has the added benefit of producing less heat in the kitchen, making it a more comfortable work environment.

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